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Revolutionary Dialog-Based, Scroll Stopping, Full 3D Multi Characters Videos

How to cash on WARP technology  

Want to make TV series-like traffic-sucking videos? – here is an app for that
Make your own TV series-like traffic-sucking videos
How are TV producers sucking people in, and make them come back over and over again
How to suck traffic in with TV series-like conversation-based videos
Beat the big traffic guys on their own game
Conversations and characters showing emotional reactions = traffic
On social media, the first 3-5 seconds are what matter the most – here is how to max it


TV series producers know exactly what people like to watch and what keeps them coming back for more, which in terms of social media means traffic, traffic, and traffic again.


It is not about the action FX but also about an emotionally charged conversation between characters for many top long-running TV series. The way action dynamic is set by filming with various camera angles.

If you ever watched a TV series “The Office” or any other TV series of similar type, pretty much all that is happening in the episode are conversations between characters spread around a handful of locations.

During the filming of an episode, the camera switches attention based on who is talking with a few camera angles for the entire group.

That’s it. Conversations, characters showing emotional reactions, few locations, multiple camera angles to make it all look dynamic are the recipe for attention.


Now the Storyxy app allows you to make videos just like that!

Watch the demo now


On social media, the first 3-5 seconds are what matter the most, and this is where the dialogue-based videos shine even more as they don’t look like all the other videos people scroll through.

dog-blinking download-4

Those types of video work, because what really matters is entering the conversation that the viewer is already having in their own head, and the best way to do it is with the virtual actors’ dialogue.

Until now it was not possible to create a video in full 3D featuring totally human-like virtual actors without having high-end specialized video software like those used by Pixar and other movie studios.


Software those studios use cost literally thousands of dollars per a single license and require months of training to use effectively.

This is why until now regular people and entrepreneurs with small budgets were completely cut off both from buyers’ attention and sales such video can bring.

Watch the demo now


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